What are you doing!?!

Too often, I find that business professionals spend hours working on things that do not help them reach their goals. Many people do not have a plan of how they will be successful. As the old saying goes, they fly by the seat of their pants.

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My friend, Bob Lamp’l with Business Plans and More writes some of the best business plans in the world but he says, “Too often, people will write a business plan just to secure financing from a lending institution or some colleagues told them they need a plan. These types of people will pay someone to write their business plan or write it themselves, then they put it on the self and it becomes a dust collector. One saying that I love to use is, ‘Your business plan is a living document. It is both your blueprint and your navigation system for success.’ It has to be reviewed on a regular basis and followed.”

WOW! Business professionals need to pay attention to Bob’s wisdom. Don’t just show up and expect things to happen. Don’t expect to be inundated with a plethora of business when you don’t have a plan in place to make it happen.

If you are in business, even if you feel like you do not have the perfect situation, put your best plan in place and operate according to the plan. I have seen people who want to wait until XYZ takes place before they will do anything.

My friend, Dr. Ivan Misner says it best, “Ignorance on fire is better than knowledge on ice.”

What are you doing? Are you flying by the seat of your pants? Are you wasting time on things that does not help you reach your goal?

Quit piddling and start doing the daily activity that will help you reach your goal. Don’t complain about the economy, politics, your spouse, your children, your bad luck or any number of other things. 

What will you do today to help you reach your goals? Leave a comment below.

Make it happen today!




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       James Barber

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