Do you have a winning team?

For most of my life, I have heard it said that a certain player put his team on his shoulders and carried them to victory.  Although I understand the concept, it really does not happen that way. In team sports, no one individual wins by himself or loses by himself.


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In soccer, one player may kick the winning goal but his teammates had to pass him the ball and defend against the opponent.  In basketball, one player may hit the winning shot but his teammates had to play defense, set a pick or pass the ball.  In baseball, one player may hit the winning home run but if the pitcher on his team gave up several runs or the defense committed too many errors, they lose.  In hockey, the goalie may block every shot but his team has to score.  In football, the quarterback may throw the winning touchdown but if his offensive line does not block well, he does not have time to throw the winning touchdown.

Too often, business owners do not surround themselves with the right team. They try to be superstars instead of surrounding themselves with right team so their business can flourish.  A business owner needs to understand his or her weaknesses and surround himself or herself with people who have strengths that they do not.

Recently I was asked to play in a scramble golf tournament. I can drive the golf cart really well but golf is not my sport. In the past, I would play and they would place me with a team that only had 3 players. This time I decided to recruit some people who could play. My friend Mike Barbieri plays good golf but I needed 2 more people. I reached out to several people and was able to recruit 2 more good golfers. Although I did not personally know Amber or Tyler, some of my contacts did.

I can play many sports but golf is not one of them, so I surrounded myself with people who could play and we won the tournament.

Remember folks, the object of owning a business is not so you can say, “I own a business”; however, the object is to win. Winning is almost impossible if you try do everything by yourself. 

Surround yourself with a winning team.

Who do you have on your team that is helping your team win? Leave comments below.

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       James Barber

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